Cool Mountain Hand Crafted Sodas and Food Pairings

Just like the right choice of wine accentuates the creamy, milky taste of your favorite cheese, the right crafted sodas at the dinner table can make all the difference in how you enjoy your food.
Everybody has their own tastes. The very reason for pairing sodas with food is to take your culinary experience to the next level – something magical, something that will make you smile each time you remember how you had your favorite soda with your favorite food.

Pairing root beer with food

Love your root beer? This frothy, creamy, and bold drink with a perfect blend of spice and sweet goes extremely well with burgers, hotdogs, pizzas, steaks, and other such grilled red meat. The smokiness of barbequed meat combined with the root beer’s earthy flavor creates a sensation in the mouth.

Pairing flavored sodas with food

The bubbliness of sodas easily cuts through the greasiness of any fatty dish. It kind of cleanses your palate. You experience a fabulous explosion of tastes in your mouth, as soda accentuates the saltiness of the food and mellows down the spice. This balance is awesome.

Fruit flavored sodas

such as green apple, black cherry, and others go absolutely well with most of the meat dishes and salads.

Pairing cream sodas with food

The creamy flavor of cream soda is enjoyed best with cheesy foods and chocolate desserts.

Three cheers for the soda

Sodas are bubbly drinks that pair with fried, crispy, crunchy, salty dishes as if both were made for each other.
Whether you intend to gobble up a cheese-dripping pizza or sink your teeth into a juicy piece of chicken don’t forget to have one of those fabulous hand crafted sodas by your side.
These bubbly drinks promise to take you to newer heights of culinary experience.
You simply can’t say ‘no’ to one of the Cool Mountain Premium Sodas that come in savory flavors and the finest ingredients on the earth.
Pure cane sugar, high-class caffeine-free ingredients, and the passion poured in each bottle by the skilled artisans makes the sodas extra ordinary.
Taste a gourmet soda and you will fall in love with it.
People who love to gorge on rich, heavy foods can refresh their palate by washing down the food with sparkling or bubbly soda.
The choice is yours – whether you love to sip a creamy, frothy drink or a bubbly, sparkly drink.
Reputable names like Cool Mountain cater to the varying tastes of soda lovers. And if you are the one who wants their root beer “rootier” and “earthier,” then check out their brands like Chicago Draft Style and more.
Place an order online in a few clicks and transform your lunch or dinner into a gourmet treat.
People with fine tastes in life drink the finest sodas.